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  At Extreme Science, our goal is to encourage children and show them how much fun science really is.  We strive to help children believe in themselves.  It is hard for a child to understand his or her potential if they do not first believe in themselves.  When I was a child, I didn't believe that I was smart enough to learn science.  Because of this belief, I gave up and ended up struggling with science throughout school.  By making science fun and explaining various principles in simple, easy to understand terms, children begin to realize that they CAN do it.  They begin to believe in themselves and begin to dream about what they will accomplish in their lives.
  Our job is not to teach kids about science.  The Teachers do a great job with that.  We may only have a few hours to leave a lasting impression on a child.  We want to take that opportunity to make the biggest impact possible, making the teachers job easier because the child is excited to learn more about science rather than being filled with fear and doubt.

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 Spectacular Science shows! 
And so much more.....

Extreme Science offers after school enrichment programs, assemblies and birthday parties.  Here is a short video of just a few of the activities and demonstrations we have to offer.

Looking for a hassle free birthday party?
Relax and let Extreme Science entertain the kids.

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